Would you like to join us for Summer School 2019 at

Roffey Park Institute, Horsham?


14-16 June 2019


The tutors are ....

Ruth Issett      ‘Stitched Surfaces to Dye’

Using white or neutral fabrics create a variety of stitched surfaces.  Layers of un dyed fabric and threads will be combined in a variety of manners, giving the opportunity to create manipulated and richly embellished stitched surface.  Once stitching is complete students will have the opportunity to dye paint their work with a wonderful personally selected colour scheme.



Sue Waldron    ‘Crazy Patchwork blocks for bags, cushions or hangings’

Using the foundation piecing method create patchwork blocks that can be decorated using lace, ribbon, braids, embroidery stitches, beads and anything else you care to add.    These blocks can be made up into items such as bags, cushions and hangings



Fay Maxwell       ‘Masses of stitches and Masses of Thread’


All our favourite stitches, and many more.  Using them 3 dimensionally and as added texture.

Traditional techniques are reapplied using a variety of threads, all of different weights.

Thinking back to all those old friendly stitches, and bringing them up to date with all the varieties of threads now available to us.  A weekend to indulge in doodling with our favourite styles of embroidery



The all important costs....... 

            for a resident place  £460.00   and for a non-resident place    £275.00


Booking form available from Jen (email  jenford@globalnet.com) or downloadable from the region website :  www.southeastembroiderers.co.uk